About Us

Kip Wood - Founder

Kip Wood has been deeply involved in meditation, silent retreats, and plant medicine work for over 25 years. He has trained in multiple forms of breath work which he finds invaluable during both silent retreats and entheogenic plant journeys. He is the author of the book Words Out of Silence about a solo, 60-day silent retreat he embarked on a few years back.  He is a teacher of present moment awareness and lives in Southern California.

I often say to my clients that if you want to make real and lasting changes in your life, you can go the slow route, such as traditional therapy, or you can go the fast route such as plant medicines, silent retreats, or any number of intense paths. Here’s the rub. The slower you go, the more comfortable it is. The faster you go, the more challenging it is. But for some of us, we don’t have the patience for the slow road. I find the combination of silent retreats and plant medicine journeys to be a powerful elixir of rapid transformation. Silence is at the heart of all spiritual traditions, and inner silence is what we all crave, whether we know it or not.

Plant medicines and silence give us a rare and powerful gaze into our most troubling, habitual patterns while simultaneously revealing to us the heart of our own unspeakble beauty. With these powerful tools, we are able to loosen the binds of our persistent, stressful thoughts, and ultimately, find that it is safe to let go and relax into presence. In this newly realized, ever present silence, we find our true selves.


Words Out of Silence